Panimon represents the dedication, involvement, and passion of numerous individuals. We advocate for gratitude and reinvesting resources in the community, committing ourselves to educating and nurturing a healthy generation. We promote values like self-responsibility, community, and societal engagement.

Just as the grain follows its path from the ear to the heart, so too does a child grow receiving constant care and education. We aim to bring children closer to the Panimon story to show them what it means to care for clean food, so they can learn to choose what they eat. We encourage healthy choices and support actions that aid in the harmonious development of our children.

We foster innovation and invest in individuals who are passionate and interested in perpetuating the traditions of milling and baking. We advocate for educating the younger generation and consistently offer opportunities for hands-on learning and real-time experience, hoping that our example will ignite a passion for the profession.

Visiting Panimon

Learning through a fun experience

Panimon organizes guided tours for pupils and students, showing them the “road of bread from the wheat ear to fireplace”. Thus, they have a pleasant, relaxing, multi-sensory experience, from which they learn that the bread is not “picked” from the supermarket but is the fruit of hard work, which is embedded, putting them in a different relationship with food.


Future specialists

We understand the importance of integrating practical experience into the educational process, and we support this goal. Thus, our tours offer the opportunity to observe and deeply understand the technological processes and quality standards specific to the food industry.

Fresh and delicious snacks for the little athletes


We believe in promoting the balanced development of children through diverse and healthy nutrition and engaging them in sports activities. Thus, at the CSA Onești Cup, organized by the Athletic Sports Club Association from Onești, we provided future champions with fresh and delicious snacks, to help them replenish their energy levels.



Panimon supports initiatives aimed at the holistic development of children and promotes a healthy lifestyle through healthy nutrition and regular physical activity.

The young talents dedicated to these sports count athletes aged between 5 and 18, through involvement and sustained work, they achieve remarkable results and represent their clubs in annual competitions included in the Romanian Tennis Federation Calendar, the National Karting Championship, as well as the Romanian Handball Federation of Romania.



We actively engage in and facilitate access to culture, contributing to preserving and transmitting the cultural values and traditions in our community. 

In an industrial setting, we showcased the vision of the artist Valentin Boanta, presented through an exhibition of paintings open to the general public.