A memorable


For those who want to discover the taste of yesterday remodeled in modern notes, we produce classic sourdough bread or artisan bread, specialties, reinvented pound cakes, leavened and French doughs, delicate cookies, classic cakes and pastries or Entremets.





Doughnut shop

The journey from tradition

to innovation

Through the Household Milling Range, we offer consumers the opportunity to choose the right flour assortments for making bread, pastry and confectionery products, and pizza dough.

Starting from high-quality wheat, following a complex and carefully supervised technological process, we obtain clean flour, without E numbers and preservatives.

The art of

The professionalism of our specialists and the use of the finest flours allowed us to consolidate a range of bakery products that meet the most demanding requirements related to appearance, taste, aroma, and freshness.

Doughnut shop

Refined, with different flavours and complex textures Panimon Atelier doughnuts make the classic dessert a remarkable experience.

Pastry is creativity

and thoroughness

We reinvent traditional pastry, using only the finest quality, clean ingredients, to which we add our own “secrets” and artistic accents.

Panimon Atelier

Designed in the Panimon laboratory, by combining distinct flavors and textures, our desserts offer a unique experience of emotions and sensations. Quality, creativity and attention to details are the values that represent us.